Stew Response

At first when I watched stew’s performance for the first time it confused me. Then I went back and listened to it again to try to listen better to the lyrics. What I think he is trying to convey is that we still have racism in America. It’s good that this is a performance instead of a piece of writing or a poem because it has a stronger effect on the audience that way. When he is up on stage doing his song you can see his facial expressions and hear his tone on different parts of the song. You really get a better sense of what he means and where he is coming from since you can see him.

One comment somebody left was, “…I found the song very boring and redundant…Black men ski. I know I’ve seen it.” I think that this person is taking Stew’s performance way to literally. I don’t agree, the point of this song in my opinion is that there are a lot of different people living in America today and we don’t all get the same treatment.

If I were to leave Stew a comment I would tell him that I really like his lyrics. They are poetic, yet complex. Meaning you can listen to his words, hear the rhymes, and enjoy his music. But behind the rhymes there is deep meaning to his words and I think he does a great job conveying them.

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Reply to “Statement by Alabama Clergymen”

The Clergymen who wrote this statement had very clear objectives in mind. They are trying to tell the Negro demonstrators that if they have a problem with the court system that they should take it to court to solve it instead of taking part in these apparently violent demonstrations. I believe that the Clergymen are sympathizing with them though, because they say, “We recognize the natural impatience of people who feel their hopes are slow in being realized”. This statement is really based around taking the audience into consideration. It shows that the Clergymen truly understand the impatience of Negro citizens.

The whole argument the Clergymen are making is that it would be better for a Negro citizen to take a problem he/she has to court to be solved instead of trying to solve them in the streets with their demonstrations. Basically what the Clergymen want are meetings of the white and black leaders to meet and discuss their problems civilly instead of resorting to violence. They appeal to everyone by stating that violence is not solving their local problems.

I do find their statement convincing though. The way it’s written really makes me feel like things would get solved a lot faster and easier if problems were taken directly to higher authority. But if i lived back then it would be a whole different story. Thinking about back in that time period and then reading this statement gives me a feeling that things really weren’t getting done back then. And that this statement was written maybe because the government was getting scared of these demonstrators and what they might do next. So they tried to put them at ease a little bit with this statement.

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First Post

sweet it works!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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